True fact...Silva's last decision was to Maia

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16 fights and only 2 went to a decision,The Maia fight and Leites.Anyone who remembers the Maia fight,knows Silva was looking a bit afraid in round 5 and was at times running.Silva is a one of a kind striker,he is maybe the quickest guy in the UFC,but Maia's main problem is wrestling because it is more a control skill.I do however feel Maia has improved his over game and was only out muscled at 185,he definitely looks big at 170.
Maia defeated Story a guy Hendrick's lost to and sort of solidified that maybe he has got over the wrestling hump,especially since he is not out sized anymore.

Maia did lose to Weidman,but i like others feel Weidman is very good and has a VERY legit shot at beating Silva.I am not so sure that Silva could beat Maia in a rematch.However Maia would have the same problem of trying to close the distance on a very quick counter striker like Silva.
Hendrick's is a guy with strong wrestling that also has a punch,he definitely has the skillset to Ko a guy like Silva,although he would still be the underdog for sure.

155 has some wrestlers but Bendo is not beating guys with or because of legit wrestling,he is winning with size.Wrestling is still the toughest skill to over come for fighters.Jordan Mein is really good,but again he lost to a 170 wrestler in Woodley.
Many seem to think Hendo has a shot at beating the BEST fighter in the UFC [Jones],yet Hendo was embarrassed by another 170 fighter in Shield's and remains bitter over it.

In the 170 division you will face wrestling left and right,no way you could have a prolonged career such as Silva's and avoid it in the 170 division.
170 has legit skills like Condit and Maia and Diaz,it also has a plethora of Wrestlers.The 185 division has two good fighters,the rest need not apply.205 has ONE GREAT fighter,the rest need not apply.The HW division has ummm one decent fighter in Cain VBelasquez,it's number 2 guy [JDS] really has no skill set,he is nothing more than a counter striker.

To prove a point,Sonnen has been washed around both the 185 and 205 titles because the yhave such limited wrestling,the msot important skill set to overcome and prove yourself as a legit champion.

Point is that the 170 division is still easily by far,the toughest division in the UFC.Aside from the 3 mentioned ...Jones/Silva/Weidman,there is no need for anyone to look any further than the 170 division to prove themselves.
Gina Miesha Kyra ...yes please.


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