Firas Zahabi on GSP’s jab

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Georges St Pierre’s (24-2) head trainer, Firas Zahabi, is a big believer in the jab. GSP employed to jab to great effect against Nick Diaz (26-9) at UFC 158, surprising some fans by winning the stand-up exchanges as well as the ground battle. Zahabi said it was one of the Canadian’s greatest weapons and a technique that could beat any other punch in the book. He told Sherdog’s Cheap Seats program the jab was always going to be an important part of the game plan against Diaz.

“Everybody kind of thinks they know how to jab, but they really don’t. A lot of times you show them the real jabbing mechanics, different types of jabs for different types of situations, and I haven’t come across many MMA fighters that are familiar with the system of jabbing. … It’s very complex. It’s not that simple. When to jab, how to jab, the context. When can you jab without paying for it? Without getting clipped? Without getting countered? You saw Georges jab (Nick) Diaz beautifully. It was a good punch to keep Diaz on his heels. Diaz, once he gets going with two, three-punch combinations, then it becomes an avalanche of flurries and you can’t stop him. Once he gets going like that, you can’t stop him. Georges used the jab not to even let him get going. He cut him off, just like he did with (Josh) Koscheck. Sometimes the jab is called for, and sometimes it’s not. The biggest weakness to a jab is the kick. If a guy’s a powerful kicker, it’s hard to jab. Like (Carlos) Condit is a little bit harder to jab because he has such a powerful kick. A round kick could beat a jab, but any punch will lose to a jab. If you throw an uppercut and I throw a jab correctly, I’ll beat your uppercut. I’ll beat your hook. I’ll beat your overhand right. If I jab correctly, a jab should cut off any punch.”

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