Have You Seen Me Lately?

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You've seen the ads on the backs of magazines, you often get mail with this sort of flyers to help find those who have gone missing. We often just discard or disregard these missing faces and move on about our day. But today, ladies and gentlemen, I'm forming a search party to help find someone very super famous. I need volunteers to be on the look out. Your help and cooperation will be greatly appreciated and you will be met with high fives and lots of love from yours truly. So here is the mission


Who? One Georges St. Pierre

Last seen? UFC 83, April 19, 2008.

Possible areas or location? Unknown. Maybe Greg Jackson's basement. Anonymous tips pointing in the direction of being in the custody of idrankyourbeer, bobilator, or any UFC forum GSP fanatic. Definatelty not anywhere near Brazil, or within a 1,000 mile radius or Anderson Silva.

If you see him, DO NOT APPROACH! He is very slippery and hard to communicate with! He is well versed in reverse psychology, and will tell you not to blink, instinctively making you blink on command. He also is known to be a wizard of some sort, possessing powers that are often associated with "The Sandman" and "Jon Fitch", putting you to sleep in under 25 minutes.

Please comment on this thread if you know the location of Georges St. Pierre. While there have been reports of him being spotted as late as last week at UFC 158, those were false reports. I'm looking for a man who could FIGHT! Finish! Take RISKS! And didn't need to apologize for his performances, and didn't need fake "fans" to defend him. I am a true fan of GSP, I respect him, but am not afraid to criticize him, and I want him back


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