Which do you think would be more important for Jon Jones' career?

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Would it be a loss to Anderson Silva or a loss to Chael Sonnen? image
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    that's actually a hilarious picture
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    I wanted something funny!
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    Dude, what is up with that pic?! =))
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    Jones riding Rampages coattails


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    A loss to anderson cos if he lost to Sonnen that would make Sonnen the LHW champ and that would be messed up.
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    Megasoup said:

    Would it be a loss to Anderson Silva or a loss to Chael Sonnen? image

    hilarious pic
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    PATSTER said:

    A loss to anyone would be important. He's pretty much undefeated minus the Hamill fight. Maybe a loss to Chael Sonnen would be more of a blow to his career but I think any loss in his near future would be equally devastating.

    Absolutely. We all know that the Hamill loss was really a loss in name only - Bones completely dominated the fight and destroyed Hamill only to be questionably disqualified for "12 to 6" elbows. A real loss (whether it's KO/TKO, submission, or non-controversial decision) would motivate him to grow and improve like none other.

    I don't like Jon Jones, but I cannot deny the incredible ability the dude has. If he continues to improve, he has the possibility of remaining champion for a long, long time.

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    Sadly after buying into the hype of this UFC having the best fighters in this world,there is nobody close to Jones.
    We still do not have very good rounded fighters,just a little of this or a little of that.
    Jones is sort of average at everything,yes it is nice to have a little of all but he is not really great at anything.he tips the scales in his favor with smarts and reach.Most of his being smart,has to do with his reach,they go hand in hand.

    I see VERY few fighters in all of the UFC that i would consider to be well rounded,they either can't strike or can't wrestle or have very poor Bjj.Then after you figure in nobody is well rounded,then you have so many with poor cardio,no athleticism,no smarts and you really end up with a very average sport.

    This is why Jones can dominate and he will dominate for a long time.It is pathetic to think that Chael a guy with absolutely no skills,gets a title shot.Chael does not even wrestle well,he has exactly what GSP has,TD's but even that was exposed when Silva simply backed up to the cage,it confused the low IQ Sonnen.

    Just imagine that is Sonnen had of mimic Silva and backed up to the opposite fence,then what?It would have been a joke for the sport.
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