After Whopper McSexy TKOs Cheat CanGOAT, should he cut to flyweight?

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After Cheat CanGOAT devours an overhand right that Cheeseburger Roy delivered to his doorstep, whats next for Big Country, the Kimbo Killer?

The last two performances from the the Pee-Wee Pounder were excellent. I think Mark Hunt would be a great opponent for Big GOAT, but i dont know if i want to see that fight, because after the Hybrid Hammerer makes short work of Mark Hunt, he would eat up his bandwagon too. but the other side of me is hoping that the Cro Cop Retirerer will make the push to the flyweight division and finally make the 125lb division exciting.

I know this seems pretty far fetched, but with a little bit of support, and the dolce diet working overtime, i think that Whopper McSexy just might be able to pull this off. After all, this man demolishes Skyscrapers with his right hand, and the only way you can put him away is if you are andrei arlovski and pay him off to take a dive. What the hell can you possibly do when youre up against a man who eats, bleeds, and sweats gravy?

With a little bit of support and hard work, i truly believe that Big Rig the Meathead Masher will be able to make the weight and instill fear in the flyweight division, leaving everybody else in the division sweating like a hooker at church, changing weight classes, or running for cover. Im not concerned about how well Roy My Boy would perform at the lighter weight class. Im just worried that after the he knocks his opponent out, he might just drag him over to the Big Country Buffet and then try to eat him afterwards.

lets show some support, Roy Nelson future flyweight champion 2014. I believe!!!
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