Glover turned down fight against mousassi in "what if" scenario

"UFC officials have taken up contact with LHW Contender (Glover) Texeira. Offering him his show + win money, if he is willing to fight Strikeforce Veteran (Gegard) Mousassi in case headliner (Alexander) Gustafsson isn't cleared to fight by Fight Night, just to have a replacement and save the event."

Dana White comments on this:" I don't now what those young fighters want, but if you can get **** paid without fighting, just to be ready for the worst **** case, you step the **** up!" he continued to refer to UFC 151: "Because of this mentality those young fighters have, I already had to cancel an event. I don't want to cancel another **** event"

lmfao glover is a **** crying about how much he wanted to fight for the he doesnt even return them a favor...and i mean this is a great offer...!!!!



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