Alexander Gustafsson is scared of Gegard Mousasi

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Gus: "cut me Mickey"
Mickey: "Nah man it'll put you out of the fight"
Gus: "I know! I'm scared and don't want to fight. I was counting on his knee failing so he'd drop out and I'd get another gimmie fight!!"
Mickey: "I understand."
*cuts Gus

Gus: "ahh man I'm cut due to training and can't fight"
*wink wink

Mickey: "oh shoot man I'll call some doctors and make sure the cut is bad enough"
Gus: "okay man make it convincing. I'm gonna whine like I really wanted to fight."

The GOAT Rain_Wizard slapped the taste out of my mouth.

LyGOATo MachiGOD and Go to Guy made Gegard Mousasi and me their wife for five rounds


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