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UFC on Fuel TV 9 : Gustafsson vs Mousasi Predictions- Saturday April 6th 2013

UFC on Fuel TV 9 : Gustafsson vs Mousasi Predictions- This Episode of the show covers Predictions for the 6 Card Fights on the UFC on Fuel TV 9 : Gustafsson vs Mousasi Card.

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UFC on Fuel TV 9 : Gustafsson vs Mousasi Main Card
Alexander Gustafsson vs. Gegard Mousasi
Ryan Couture vs. Ross Pearson
Philip De Fries vs. Matt Mitrione
Mike Easton vs. Brad Pickett
Diego Brandao vs. Pablo Garza
Akira Corassani vs. Robert Peralta

Michael Johnson vs. Reza Madadi
Adam Cella vs. Tor Troeng
Adlan Amagov vs. Chris Spang
Marcus Brimage vs. Conor McGregor
Ben Alloway vs. Ryan LaFlare
Michael Kuiper vs. Tom Lawlor
Papy Abedi vs. Besam Yousef

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    Pablo Garza to Win by Decision $3.90- I really don’t expect to see Garza tapping or KOing Bradao, instead I expect him to try and drag the Brazilian into the deep waters and try to push his gas tank. If he is going to win this fight it will be most likely on the judges scorecards, so take the big increase in value.

    Conor McGregor $1.67 vs Marcus Brimage $2.20
    Marcus Brimage has been a bet card buster in last couple of fights upsetting Maximo Blanco and Jimy Hettes, but I think his run stops here. He has benefited tremendously from a lack of execution on the part of his opponents. Blanco simply failed to attack enough and Hettes didn’t put enough effort into getting the fight to the ground in rounds 1 and 3. Some credit should be given to Marcus, but when his opponents did force the issue it was clear that he was having some difficulties. McGregor is a debuting fighter, but he is riding a wave of momentum and based on his in cage demeanour he seems like the type of guy that isn’t going to hold back despite this being his first UFC fight. The other reason I think that this fight will be different is because of the aggressive striking style that McGregor brings. Brimage seems to have a slight conditioning issue when he is pushed as we saw against Hettes. In that fight he was slowing down after the first round with his punches not nearly having the effect they did early on. Even if McGregor can’t get him out of there in the early moments of the fight, as Brimage slows down a knockout should become a greater reality. Further, if Brimage does go the distance with McGregor I can’t see him being able to keep up with the volume of strikes that Conor is going to unload. Finally, Conor isn’t known for his ground skills, but they are there and with Marcus having some vulnerability on the mat we could see him put on his back as well which should help him to score points. McGregor’s odds are on the rise and that is a great thing. I think a decent sized single bet on Conor works along with inclusion in multiple parlay bets. For Marcus, I am putting a lot into McGregor which is a similar scenario to his last couple of wins, but I still don’t think he has the tools to pull this one out.

    Best Bet: Single bet Conor McGregor $1.67

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