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Hey all,

I'm a member of Disney Movie Rewards. What it is is a membership that allows you to gain, collect, and spend 'points'. You can spend points on items like toy story figurines, Disney related dvd's etc... You gain points by purchasing a Disney associated DVD or Blu-ray and entering the code that comes on a piece of paper included in the case.

If you don't use these codes or know wtf this is all about feel free to pass them on to me. I'm hoping to get something decent for my boy.

movies that are eligible and have this code have the following symbol on the front of the case:

The following movie titles should have the code (among many others):
A Christmas Carol
a muppets christmas
alice in wonderland (old and new)
The Avengers
Pirates of the caribbean
Bug's life
finding nemo
toy story
prince of persia

If you are willing send me the codes send via PM

this prolly makes me gay but idgaf

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