Bisping = gotten To, & this is how I'm going to beat him *video*

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Hey everyone! Now that Bisping has changed camps and coaches this line is starting to make more sense to me:

“He’s got decent Jiu-jitsu, but I don’t see his knockout power. He’s a middleweight so he should be capable of it, but I don’t see it. His Thai boxing is mediocre, at best. No doubt, he’s strong, but I’m better than him in all areas. If I lose, there is something seriously wrong. I’ve told my coaches that if I don’t win, you’re all f***ing fired because you’re doing something wrong.
-Michael "The ****" Bisping”

Anyway excuses or not, here is a series of videos on what I'm going to hit Bisping with this fight:

Learn Why Alan Belcher Is Going To CRUSH Michael Bisping In the Co-Main Event At UFC 159

let me know what you think of the video.



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