I'm giving away 2 of my personal tickets to UFC 159, who wants 'em?!?!

AlanBelcherAlanBelcher Posts: 81Free
Okay, a lot of fighters talk about giving back to the fans, but how many of them give you their own personal UFC tickets FREE to watch them fight?

I'm doing just that. Check out the link below and you'll have a chance to win 2 of my personal tickets to UFC 159 where I'll be fighting Michael Bisping, and Jon Jones will be fighting Chael Sonnen.

Click here and enter to win 2 FREE UFC tickets

The odds are pretty good on this one too. I'm running this personally, so it's not going to have 50 million UFC fans entering. Just the ones lucky enough to catch this :)


Good luck! I hope an Alan Belcher fan wins these, but Jones, Sonnen, and even Bisping fans are welcome to enter too :wink:


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