Pettis Callout.

BlackziliansBlackzilians Posts: 565Free
I think he shouldn't have called out Aldo when he has a title fight coming his way in his own division. he should fight Bendo.
If he loses then maybe do what edgar did
if he wins then he's champ (that's it).
I don't know why he did it.... he did beat bendo in the WEC and I think he can do it again in the UFC, he should have waited after his fight, he has been asking for this title fight in the lightweight division then he finally gets one and then he goes calls out a different champ. It's weird
Maia vs Rousey
Phenom 'n Suga
Welcome to Welterweight Division Mr. Lombard.
AAAND NEW! UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Alexander Gustafsson


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