Cormier: I'd want a warm-up at 205 before Jones

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Rising star of the heavyweight division Daniel Cormier (11-0) has already stated his intention to drop a division. He struggled with a similar cut as a wrestler, but he's a lot lighter these days, and says he's confident he could make light heavyweight with the right diet. While he's not looking past his fight with Frank Mir (16-6) this weekend, Cormier knows there's a potential clash with Jon Jones (17-1) in his future. But the former Olympic wrestler told MMA Junkie he wasn't keen to meet "Bones" in his first bout at 205lbs.

"I've thought about it,and I wouldn't be opposed to fighting one time before then, just to see how my body reacts to the weight cut. It'd be very difficult to fight him in my very first fight, in a five-round fight, and my first time down in the weight and everything. As I've thought about it, I kind of feel it'd be in our best interest to maybe take a fight ... What if it doesn't work out well? What if I get in a fight with a guy and I can't do anything but wrestle him because my arms are tired and my body's just not responding to the weight cut? I don't want that guy to be Jon Jones. Seriously, can you imagine standing in there against him and not feeling your best? That would be horrible."

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