UFC on Fox: Bendo vs. Melendez Sig Bets

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Ok guys here are the rule

-must have 500 posts or more
-will take a max 2 bets per fight
-Sig bet length will be til next even or for one month (up to you...if u don't pick it auto will be for one month)
-I auto accept any Sig bet where the first 3 rules are satisfied...I do not need to say "deal" or anything like it
-all bets are first come first served

I got

Bendo over Melendez (2 bets left)

Mir over DC (Spartacus_,Wanderleisilva101)

Brown over Mein (AxeMurdah,1 bet left)

Mendes over Eikins (2 bets left)

Larkin over Carmont (2 bets left)

Benavides over Uyenoyama (2 bets left)
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