What we learned from UFC on FOX: Henderson vs Melendez

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- Do not miss the Prelims ! (always knew that, but this card --> WOOW!)

- Njokuani has some power, eventhough i was doubting him

- Romero isn't a can after 1 fight (like some tend to think)

- Matt Brown is a baws

- Alpha male's **** people up ! like DAAAAMN !!! 3 fights and 3 k.o wins ? R U KIDDING ME ???

- Bang Ludwig seems to be a great addition to the Alpha's

- Matt Brown is still immortal

- Carmont isn't the most exciting fighter but has great potential (IMO)

- Mendes either has developed some power...or it's the fact that he's fighting cans

- Matt Brown is awesome

- Nate Diaz is done...as long as his opponents keep fighting smart

- Josh Thomson is smart and has power

- Cormier was scared and was WnS the whole damn fight

- Melendez isn't as big of a can as i thought

- People will keep on bitching about decisions

- There was no way Ben vs Gil was going to end in an K.O --> none of them have been knocked out yet, and both dont posses big power.

Overall GREAT card.! awesome finishes. LOTS of Knockouts

oh and

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