What's next for Maia and Brown?

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Both Maia and Brown need an opponent on a winning streak no question about it. I looked through the welterweight division roster and almost all the fighters with wins are already booked. So should Maia and Brown fight each other? Or is there a more appropriate match-up for each of them out there?

Demian Maia vs Matt Brown


Demian Maia vs DHK 2
Matt Brown vs DHK 2


Do we keep Maia and Brown on the shelf till other fights all wrap up, this isn't a bad option for Brown since he just fought but Maia needs a fight soon here I think. Maia recently called out and begged for a fight with Nick Diaz, should Maia who's on a 3 fight win streak fight Diaz who's on 2 fight losing skid?

Now there are plenty of matchups I would rather see for Maia and Brown but unfortunately they aren't realistic given that no other top fighters or fighters coming off wins are available at all. I just don't see any suitable opponents out there for them.



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