What do you think it will be next for Sonnen after being destroyed by Jones ?

RodrigoRuaRodrigoRua Posts: 2,422Free
Before anything .. I want Sonnen to win (but I dont believe so)

Anyways, bacl to the topic, what do you think is gonna happen to Sonnen after he gets humiliated by Jones ?

1. Retirement ?

2. Try to make his way back to the top at MW or LHW ?

3. Who and which division he would be fighting next ?

4. What do you think is gonna be his "sale point" ?

5. Do you think hes gonna go to WW division and try all over again with GSP ?

I personally have a feeling that he will get a fight mayve with "somebody" he had said s**** about (pretty much any brazilian among Wandy, Belfort and Lil Nog) then winnin or losing, he will try his path at WW which I think he could do it.

Thoughts, please and you guys have a great day !!


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