GSP on losing time and alien abductions

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On the Joe Rogan Experience, Georges kinda hinted at some really weird **** happening to him since he was a child, where he'd suddenly feel like he lost hours in his day and had no recollection of that time moving by almost instantaneously. Joe prodded him about his fear of aliens and Georges seemed to get noticeably uncomfortable, almost in defense mode, all but admitting outright that he feels like he's being snatched up by those familiar grey mofos on a regular basis. He says one day he'll tell all about what's really going on in his head, but he's still doing research, trying to figure out what exactly he's suffering from or experiencing.

It's a very eerie and fascinating glimpse into one of the hardest working athletes in the world today. I know we all like to tease Georges around here, but you gotta wonder if this is part of the reason why he's so good at what he does. It seems like he's living in fear and confusion every day, and his only escape is channeling those feelings into his art. There's no shortage of inspiration and dedication when you've got one of those odd, eccentric kinks that keeps you on your toes constantly. Genius and success is frequently next door neighbors with insanity and GSP may just have a sliver of it.

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