Rory Macdonald VS Jake Ellenberguer - UFC on FOX 8

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Well finally Rory is back again into the octagon for ufc on fox 8 against Jake. I think this is an exiting match up for both of these guys. Although I think that rory is almost unbeatable, If jake caughts him in the inside with a power hook....rory is down. And we all know that when jake takes down an oponent with punches or takedowns, a metheore of punches come after that so will be rory's end. But in the outside I give rory the advantage with his kicks footwork and head movement to confuse jake. I would take a risk and say that Jake wins this one by KO or TKO before the second round ends.

What's your opinion guys?Is this fight N#1 contender for the winner of GSP vs hendricks?(if finally happens).

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    Jake by TKO

    If Jake wins yes...if Rory wins no.

    Rory and Pierre dont fight eachother. Not seeing Hendricks win from Pierre, he probebly has some lame strategy to win another boring decision.
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    I like Rory a lot but i think it is over hyping him to say he is unbeatable.He has flaws just like all the other fighters,his TD's are no where near as good as GSP who struggles at times.Also Rory is a bit on the slow side which is a very big factor if he meets a fighter who can negate what he does.
    Rory's stand up is not nearly as good as Jake and i feel Jake is faster albeit only slightly.That basically removes a lot of Rory's stand up meaning he has one option left,the ground game which he odes imo have a better one than Jake.Rory is NOT a wrestle,Jake apparently has some wrestling,so again he might be ab le to stuff Rory's best option.
    We can't let that Penn fight influence us,Penn has been awful and just laying back on the ropes allowed Rory to tee off and do whatever he wanted.

    This will definitely be THE test to show us if Rory has advanced enough since his loss to Condit and weather he deserves top 5 or not.
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    Going with Jake plain and simple

    Rory could catch him something though
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    Jake via not using roids.
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