Diaz on Thomson - "He was making woman sounds while we were fighting"

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Goes face down, **** up. Accuses the other fighter of not fighting and making woman sounds. I'm sure it was Nate making "woman noises" as he got his **** pushed in

Nate does not look good complaining about Thomson not fighting, when Thomson beat him like a rented mule. Lol at Nate complaining about an early stoppage. Even Nick had seen enough by the end and threw in the towel.

it gets pretty good around the 6 and a half minute mark diaz crying as if thomson was running away from him and trying to get out of the fight...lol and then bringing up carlos condit, demanding a rematch against thompson, and saying he's scared **** less and he wont take it. lmfao and then he starts whining for a title shot and moaning about tj grant and gray maynard. this is just pathetic.

Stay classy Diaz.
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Just givin out the D
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