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**** it, if you can't beat him, join him. He might come off ****, but he doesn't mean to at the end of the day, he just wants fans and just wants to be recognised as a great warrior. He's the LHW champ for a reason, all these other monkey wrenches suck **** and Sonnen isn't gonna do any better. I'm calling it now, Jones wins with a 3rd round sub. Sonnen training with Magalfag won't do anything for him, he'll always have **** BJJ skills and Jones won't give him the time of day when it comes to letting Sonnen get takedowns. He'll pick him apart on the outside, ware him out, clinch and throw that limp wristed sissy across the cage. Just watch, Jones gonna beat this chump. WAR BONES!!!
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Thiago Alves = UFC WW Champion of 2014/15!!!

Costa Philippou is a boss! ... And also, he looks like a Columbian drug lord :)

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