Sonnen does it again !

rick10rick10 Posts: 185Free
He lost to silva at the end of the fith round after dominating all the other rounds.

Now he couldnt hold jones for less than a minute before the round end it ( or maybe it was stopped to fast) and we find out jones has an inury that would ve prevent him from continuing the second round therefore making chael the new LHW champion lol



  • sobercorruptsobercorrupt Sobercorrupt Posts: 25,780Moderator, Ultimate
    It would have been an obvious lucky win followed by a rematch. Bu goddamn what a bad beat for Chael. 2x less than a minute from walking out with the belt
    imageimageimageimageimage < -- click one

    I am an idiot for thinking GSP could finish the P4P GOAT Nick Diaz within 5 rounds
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