Dana White: Jones-Sonnen stoppage was fine

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UFC president Dana White is unsure about Chael Sonnen's (27-13) future after his first-round loss to light heavyweight king Jon Jones (18-1). But he has no doubt the referee made the right call when he stopped the fight with less than 30 seconds to go. In a shocking twist, Jones suffered a compound fracture to his big toe as he unleashed the ground and pound that ended the fight, meaning Sonnen would have been crowned world champion if he made it through the round. Some fans are up in arms over the stoppage, saying referee Kevin Peterson stepped in far too quickly. The debate centres on one of the more confusing chapters in the MMA rulebook, "intelligent defense." While White knows "The American Gangster" is a tough guy, he said had no problem with the referee's call. Watch the full post-fight scrum at MMA Fighting.

"It's up to him. You know what, Chael, you know what I love about Chael - everybody kept saying, even Joe Rogan when we started the show tonight, he was like, "Chael has talked himself into..." - Chael hasn't talked himself into anything. Chael stepped up when others wouldn't. And right when the fight first started, I said, 'God damn, Chael's going right after Jon.' Chael went after him, Chael goes in there to fight, Chael tries to win. I like Chael, I like him a lot. It's hard not to like the guy ... When I walked in the Octagon, he said, 'Dana, I think I won that fight and I think this is going to be very controversial.' And I said, 'You know what, Chael, you'll probably get people to believe that' ... Yeah (the stoppage was fine), did you see his face? He's got a haematoma on his head right here. Another thing I respect about Chael is he's a tough, tough guy. He was hurt man, he was hurt; he was getting hit with big body shots and elbows to the face and punches to the face."

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