Most Consistent Fighters to You? Most Inconsistent?

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Who are the fighters that you guys think always puts on a consistent performance? As in, you know they always come ready? I noticed that in every fight Bisping always comes in with tremendous cardio and he's always in shape to go 3 rounds. No matter who he fights against, whether its against Sonnen or Belcher or Rashad Evans.

Even with all the hate for GSP we have to respect that he is downright one of the most consistent fighters on here. No matter all the trash talk that is being done; whether its coming from his opponent or himself. "Yuh dun no how uhhh dark tis is in mah head er sumtime" He always comes ready to grind and control somebody to win a UD.

I think I'll put Jon Jones in here as well. Everytime he fights, no matter how much I want him to lose..I know he's going to win. He sounds extremely fake in most if not all of his interviews and comes off as incredibly ignorant, but you can't deny that everytime he steps inside that Octagon..He has put in the work and is just ready to destroy anybody that dares step in there with him.

And as for most inconsistent who will you choose? Off the top of my head I can say Shogun, BJ Penn. Anybody else folks?
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