What's next for Leonard Garcia?

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Well, Leonard Garcia was handed his 5th official loss (and seventh legitimate loss) in a row by the less-than-top-tier opponent Cody McKenzie. Even though reports said Garcia was "ready to give himself walking papers" if he lost, he still has yet to be officially cut from the UFC. If he sticks around with the company, who should he fight?

Loss 15–11–1 Cody McKenzie Decision (unanimous)
Loss 15–10–1 Max Holloway Decision (split)
Loss 15–9–1 Matt Grice Decision (unanimous)
Loss 15–8–1 Nam Phan Decision (unanimous)
Loss 15–7–1 Jung Chan-Sung Submission (twister)
Win 15–6–1 Nam Phan Decision (split) ***He should've lost this fight
Loss 14–6–1 Mark Hominick Decision (split)
Win 14–5–1 Jung Chan-Sung Decision (split) ***He should've lost this fight


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