P4P best/worst interviewees of the UFC. Your picks.

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Give me your top-5 or top-3 in each category.


The smartest, most insightful with most fulfilling answers:
1. Frank Mir
2. GSP
3. Chael Sonnen
4. Nate Marquardt
5. Rashad Evans

The most entertaining:
1. Chael Sonnen - GOAT
2. Forrest Griffin
3. Michael Bisping
4. Phil Davis
5. Joseph Benavidez

The classiest interviewee:
1. Brian Stann
2. Demetrious Johnson
3. GSP
4. Daniel Cormier
5. Damien Maia / JDS


Most vague, least fulfilling answers:
1. Anderson Silva
2. Mark Hunt
3. Jose Aldo
4. Nate Diaz

The boringest interviewees:
1. Rory MacDonald
2. Mark Hunt
3. Cain Velasquez

The "Oh, please stop that" interviewee:
1. John Dodson - stop laughing like stupid!
2. Vitor Belfort - stop preaching!
3. Jon Jones - stop contradicting yourself!


You can come up with your own categories.


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