Can anyone stop Bones

trez1336trez1336 Posts: 642Free
After Bones beat Sonnen it left me thinking, he has dispatched most of the top 10 and the only one really left is Gus. Now Gus is a good fighter but I have no reason to believe that he can/will beat Bones, Bones already destroyed Machida and its looking like he will be doing that again in his next fight. I don't know a lot about Cormier but after seeing him vs Mir I wasn't impressed and found myself looking at him and saying I don't think he is capable of cutting down to 205 like he says. So your thoughts on this, Will Bones just dominate for life at LHW, will he actually move up to HW and how would he fare there, or is there a prospect on the rise that will one day end Jon's run


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