Chael Sonnen vs. Rich Franklin

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Heck, Chael vs. just about anybody in the 205 landscape. If you like fighting, and you just want to know how it turns out, Chael makes for a very interesting matchup with a lot of people. But, on to Rich Franklin...

I think a fight between these two is worthwhile because of their similiarities. They're near the same age, height and have both gone up and down between the 185 and 205 weight classes. They have both fought Anderson Silva twice. They are both great on the microphone.

I think the dissimilarities are worthwhile and make for an intriguing matchup, as well. Rich is very respectful; Chael is Chael. While both are well-rounded, Rich is more of a striker and Chael is more of a wrestler. That has always been a classic contest.

Anyway, Chael vs. Forrest. Chael vs. Rampage (I bet he'd get back into MMA for this.) Chael vs. Ryan Bader, Lyoto Machida or Mauricia Rua; Rashad Evans or Alexander Gustaffson. He can't fight 'em all. Love him or hate him, he's a fighter that makes for a worthy measuring stick for just how good these perennial contenders are.
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