Who's the Hottest UFC Octagon Girl (Top 10 Finalists)

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From the comments and "likes" made on the original thread, it was easy to deduce which of the 22 Octagon Girls are the most popular. Before voting, I highly recommend viewing all of the contestants located here:


Top 10 Finalists are diversely represented from Brazil, Canada, England, Japan, and USA.

Voting is anonymous.
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Who's the Hottest UFC Octagon Girl (Top 10 Finalists)

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HW - M. Mitrione, C. Velasquez

LHW - K. Soszynski, A. Johnson

MW - B. Stann, T. Credeur

WW - M. Brown, M. Pyle

LW - J. Lauzon, N. Diaz

FW - F. Edgar, D. Siver

BW - D. Cruz, U. Faber


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