BJ PEnn 11-8-2 UFC

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Sound like a HOF inductee?Not in my books.Losing is not an excuse ,he took all those fights ,nobody made him take those,he thought he could win.
Fitch was suppose to be a non factor at 10-3-1.

Couture 15-8 again not a HOF in my books.I liked him yes but liking a fighter should not relegate you to HOF status
Tito 15-11-1 in the UFC.Again i don't buy excuses he takes a fight it is because he thinks he can win,he lost,plain and simple
None of these guys lost a marginal fight,their losses were all losses,judging was not a factor.

Wanderlai Silva 4-5 in the UFC ..HOF? Definitely NOT.

Rampage Jackson 7-5..again NOT.

Chuck Lidell 16-7.Not bad ,marginal perhaps,i like him but again that doesn't make you HOF because i think he is a great fighter.However i let him in.

Matt HUghes 18-7 Again not bad,i think he deserves it.

Bottom line is HOF should not be like baseball or other sports where they auto induct someone just for the sake of holding a party and having more attendees.You need to exemplify your status as legendary in the UFC.If you want to have your own HOF from Pride or SF that's cool but it is not the UFC.
Gina Miesha Kyra ...yes please.


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