Chael Sonnen winning his first Light Heavy Weight championship Belt

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If anyone know where to see the first two rounds, video is just end of fight
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    hes such a boring fighter, if he didnt talk so much people would be wanting him cut like fitch
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    Meh, he really doesn't need a belt in the grand scheme of things. He came close against Anderson Silva, but his poor submission defense led to his downfall once again. At least he admits that his last title shot was most likely his last opportunity. Speaking of opportunities however, he'll have plenty of them in the media once he retires. I'm sure we (as MMA fans) will be seeing plenty of Chael Sonnen even after his last bout inside the octagon.
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    Identity said:

    .....And only LHW belt

    correction that was his second light heavy weight belt, sonnen was in a mma tournament, in just his fourth pro mma fight he won it he actually fought 2 guys in one night the night he won the fight is on youtube search Danger Zone MMA #13: Chael Sonnen vs. Scott Shipman, chael wins by a unique choke i never seen, he reversed neck cranked him type of thing
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