Who should the KelGOAT fight at WW upon his return?

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Kelvin Gastelum is planning to take a few months off to tour various gyms and learn some new techniques before heading back home to accept an opponent and resume his usual training camp.

So who should he fight in his WW debut?

I threw a bunch of guys out that I would like to see him fight, but who do you guys want to see the KELGOAT face off against?

Who should the KelGOAT fight at WW upon his return?

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Active bets:
TheSinisterUrge-FRANKIE/bj, wedo619-BROWN/silva, MGun-RUMBLE/prayvis

GOAT List:
1. GSP
2. Ryan LaFlare
3. Other people
I took LyGOATo Machida's piss to the back of the throat and I loved it! wanderleisilva101 is the GOAT
If you don't think Ronda could actually take out Cain on her best day, then there's something wrong with YOU


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