Which fighters would you like to be with and hang out with?

jameswasfingeredjameswasfingered Posts: 17Free
My top 5 and why:

1. Wandy- He's scary and creepy but in a fascinating way. He reminds me a bit of a serial killer who's been let loose and is looking for friends to befriend or kill.

2. Leben- Bizzaro dude who never had tattoos before the first season of tuf. Now he has tons. Why? Love to pick his brain and find out why he has done the things he's done.

3. GSP- What an athlete. It would be great to spend one day and night with him learning moves and his training methods. Tristar seems like a great place to do it.

4. Diaz brothers- Are they really that tough or is it all an act?

5. Leonard Garcia and Cerrone- What do they do at the ranch they own together? Is it a fight camp. Learning technique would be great.


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