Rockhold vs Vitor Predictions

BlackBaronBlackBaron Posts: 891Free
Hey Boys n girls, Beanslegend back from a long leave to bring you the beans side of things.

Today were discussing a wiley old veteran Vitor Belfort, and a new talent transplanted from Strikeforce Luke Rockhold.

I have no time to make a large scale of comparison, so I will quickly make a prediction.

I believe Rockhold has a lot to prove, and now on a 8 fight win streak, against a veteran who's 1 n 2 in his last 3, and is arguably at the tail end of his career, I'm predicting a Rockhold TKO in the 2nd round. Vitor's best chances are in 1st round, and I think Rockhold will use his distance well to keep Belfort back. In doing so I think Rockhold will pick Vitor apart, via TKO from ground n pound in the 2nd.

Name your prediction and why?


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