Vitor turned me into an Atheist

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I used to believe in the lord and savior giving strength to people who praise him. Vitor was a great example, thanking Jesus every time he had a microphone in his face. Victorious for the most part, unless fighting God himself Anderson Silva.

But something happened to him. Vitor lost the faith he preaches to everyone else. He dosnt believe jesus is on his side, he needs TRT just to compete! How can you thank Jesus for the strength to win in front of the audience then hide and shoot up man-made drugs in the shadows. Apparently that is where strength really comes from.

If jesus really existed, Belfort wouldnt need PEDs

I hope Belfort is happy, he is destroying christianity
FEB. 2010
Anderson Silva: Proof that you dont need PEDs to be the GOAT.


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