Herb Dean=garbage ref

zaksamezaksame Posts: 4,340Free
He moves too slow in the ring ,like a lazy fat ****.Grab the fence warning as usual,ALWAYS a warning never a foul.
In the Pierson fight he was almost never in position to watch for fouls.Robertson hit Pierson 3x in a row in the back of the head but Herb was on the opposite side where he couldn't see anything.
Then on the camera i could see him literally slow waltz to the side he SHOULD have been on in the first place,just in time to see 2 more back of of the head strikes and gives a warning.Warning?He should immediately stop the fight,but no biggie,i see all the refs allow it to continue.However Robertson proceeds to hit the back of head another 2x,i was like wtf Dean,get your lazy **** head out of your **** and do something,call a foul,take away a point.

I know ALL the refs are crap when comes to fouls,but what really bothered me the most was just how slow and lazy Dean moves about the action,all he needed was a double bacon cheeseburger and a race program in his hands to fit the part.That is NOT how you ref a fight where fouls and positioning matter a lot.

I would rather a crap ref that at least TRIES to get in the action and watch the fight carefully,at least i know he is trying,that is the same effort we expect from fighters.Dean is like ho hum another easy pay cheque for holding a guys arm up in the air at the end of a fight.

Gina Miesha Kyra ...yes please.


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