Nothing at 161 went as expected

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161 has to be one of the cards which has surprised med the most...

First it was headlined by an an intern championship fight.. which got canceled
Then at least i was looking forward to seeing a beating by Shogun... Which got changed and then canceled

Then the main card had 4 fights which should have ended before the bell.. but only one did...

And i was hoping Pat would win.. he did not..
And i expected Roy to win.. he didn't
And Jimmo was suppose to win by KO.. he didn't
And Hendo should have KOed Rashad.. he didn't..he actually lost instead..
And Shields was suppose to be impressive again, and show his magical ground game and submit woodly.. He didn't..

All in all i am pretty frustrated... The most annoying part is that if everything had gone according to my "plan" then Roy would have been 1 fight away from a title shot.. And Hendo would have faced the winner of Gus vs Jones.. And Rashad would have been pushed down the rankings (so we don't get another rematch for jones).. And Shields would have moved towards the top again..

but no...


I love the Reem


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