Roy Nelson Contract

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I thought this was a kinda funny read. Nelson is a BOSS!! He has broken a UFC record for eating the most absorbed hits and never getting knocked out!! Nelson also knew he was horrible in the fight against Stipe, said he was really tired even before he stepped in and could not figure out why. I believe he can take Stipe out in a rematch! He will go on a win streak again! WAR BIG COUNTRY!!



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    My bad....did not see that a similair thread was already posted, ignore and delete.
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    Don't let Dana's choice words fool you,he is a sneaky lame ****.
    When he was talking about Roy's contract he used the word MORE money,that in no way what so ever implies a FAIR offer,just that it was more.
    I highly doubt it was fair as i doubt they will offer him a fair one now either.
    Dana was talking about Roy's potential but said he is just a middle of the road fighter with potential and will be paid like a middle of the road fighter.He also once again eluded to the fact they have too many fighters.
    How can you have too many fighters,that is such a load of crap.These are not contracts like hockey players or football players who get paid no matter what,these guys only get paid when they fight.The UFC needs a large pool of fighters to be able to fit all the home boy products into every event.
    If the UFC ONLY housed the top household name fighters,they would not make any profit on their cards,they wouldn't have all those 6-15k fighters to fill the void.

    Truth is the UFC makes a **** load of money and does not treat their fighters as fair as other sports.Hockey is up around 60-65% of the revenue goes where it belongs to the players,the UFC is well below 50%,i would bet around 30%.

    Gina Miesha Kyra ...yes please.
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