Anderson Silva says Chris Weidman ''needs work'' with his striking...

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Silva: "Weidman got good jiu-jitsu and great wrestling, but he needs work with his stand-up," Silva declared in his official UFC 162 pre-fight interview. Every fighter commits mistakes. I just have to look for the right opportunity to capitalize on his mistakes. Everyone has their strong points. Everyone has their weak points."
If fights were won based purely on confidence, then Weidman would already have this one in the bag. Not too long ago, the 29-year-old repeatedly promised to steal Silva's belt and then ever so graciously offer him a rematch at Madison Square Garden.

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Discuss... The only relevant punch that i saw from Chris Weidman, was the Munoz Ko Counter elbow, which means Munoz run straight into Weidman's elbow! Weidman will regret, can't wait...
Rematch Madison Square my a** garden, funny kid!!!

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