Glover Teixeira said he will beat the hell out of Jon Jones Mike Tyson Style

_Spartan_Spartan Posts: 383Free How would you approach a fight against Jones?
Teixeira: As I always say, beat the hell out of him Mike Tyson-style. What was it like meeting Tyson, one of your idols?
Teixeira: Honestly, it was different. I felt several emotions. The last sparring session I had with Chuck before coming to Brazil, we beat the hell out of each other. It was like a brawl. Then Chuck hugged me and said, with his eyes filled with tears, “I’ll miss you. Come back soon because you’ll be champion, I’m sure.” It was a big thrill. With Tyson, it was very similar. I almost cried. He gave me tips, asked me to move my head more, like he did.


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