TJ Grant: It was 'low class' and 'dirty' of Anthony Pettis but I'm ignoring it

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TJ Grant told me earlier today on the ESPN UFC PODCAST that Anthony Pettis was "disrespectful" and "low class" in trying to muscle his way into a title fight with UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson in Milwaukee on Aug 31.

"I wish it was handled a little differently; him of all people, I think it was disrespectful, to do that against someone who has earned the right to fight is not right."

"Unfortunately he got hurt but it was low class, I thought. I didn't want to get into the whole talking thing. I got here legitimately and earned it. Ultimately, what he was saying was that he wanted my title shot which was incredibly disrespectful. It was pretty dirty."

"He's 26 years old and hes a great fighter I think he'll be a champion one day, but this is my time right now."

"It's in the past now: He's out, I'm in. It's going to be a series of little battles in a big battle against Benson Henderson. He's the man, and I want to beat the man and be champion. It's what I've always wanted."

Grant admitted he had not been reassured by the UFC that Pettis would not be on the Aug 31 card, but also indicated Pettis been ruled out through a medical test on his injury by the UFC doctors.

Grant, joining the ESPN UFC Podcast for half an hour, spoke on all things from Pettis, to Benson Henderson to TRT in the UFC. "I have red facial hair. I just wanted to embrace it with the beard. I'll try and grow an impressive one for the fight with Benson Henderson on Aug 31 in Milwaukee," he said.
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