Teixeira VS Vitor...who wins?

SistiSisti Posts: 5,312Free
I was thinking about this and that would be a SICK matchup

On one end you have...


In his last 9 fights he fought legit ppl and stopped all but one, which was a demolition over Rampage
In his 19 fight win streak he has 14 1st round finishes, including a 5 second finish!
In his last fight he won SOTN over Te Huna, and looks like he gets better every fight


9-2 current streak with the 2 losses coming against possibly the 2 best fighters ever
In his last 6 wins, 5 were 1st round stoppages and 1 was a 2nd round stoppage
In his UFC career, he's had 12 wins and all 12 were finishes (11 in the 1st round, 1 in the 2nd)
In his last 2 fights, he just annihilated 2 prospects that were on huge streaks

Vitor has toyed around with LHW quite a bit and seems to rather have a second crack at jones than Silva. I honestly would put this fight in my top 3 possible UFC fights (only after Jones/Silva and Pettis/Bendo)


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