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Welcome to the UFC Predictions Tournament

Members contact each other via PM - or they start a thread in the Outside the UFC section - and take turns to pick who they think will win a matchup. If your opponent picks Cain Velasquez, you only earn a point if Junior dos Santos wins.

You don't need to start by picking the main event winner, but you have to give me predictions for every fight of the card.

With the move to FOX Sports, every UFC card will count for the game! So be ready and stay active

If a card has an even number of fights (8, 10, 12) there is a need for a tie-breaker if both members finish with the same amount of points (6-6, 5-5 etc.)

The tie-breaker is the LAST fight picked by each pair of members, so there's a possibility for different tie-breakers within the same card.

The person who picks the first fight is the member with the most posts of the two so when there is an even numbered card, the person who picks second also picks last, so he may have the advantage of picking the winner of the tie-breaker fight

The defending champion picks first every time, regardless of his post count.

The brackets will be decided randomly

The tournament champion will be immortalized in the UFC Forum Title History Thread

If you have doubts about the rules, please tell me and I will explain them better

Have fun


What happens if a fighter pulls out? (e.g. JDS pulls out)

If the fight is cancelled, a random tie-breaker will be decided if necessary.

If a replacement for JDS is found (e.g. Overeem) the picks stay the same, whoever had Velasquez stays with Velasquez, whoever had JDS backs Overeem now.


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