So the event is actually NEXT week. Now what!?

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Ever had that awkward moment when you'd planned your entire day (Ozzies) or Night (Yanks) around watching a UFC event, and literally an hour or so before you're about to go and watch it, you sneakily check a sherdog play by play to see results of the earlier fights then BAM!

It's on next week. :(

I'd even posted my predictions in the predictions league and was curious as to why not many others had!

So now it's 1030 am on Sunday morning, I've already cracked a beer, got up and got into appropriate attire (hoodie, trackies, Max's, beanie) and was about to meet my mates at a pub to watch Silva nearly kill another victim, now I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go :(

Ever happened to you? What the hell should I do now??!

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