When should Anderson Silva retire?

SistiSisti Posts: 5,314Free
I was watching the new clip on UFC's main page of an interview with Silva and it got me thinking...when should he retire?

I don't want to see the same thing happen to him that happened to so many legends (Liddell, Wanderlei, Hughes, Fedor, etc.), which is to go out on a few losses or on a bad KO loss.

Anderson is one of the last guys MMA has that is almost universally loved and still has his mystique as an amazing, seemingly unbeatable fighter in tact. We know how combat sports and that the old guy can't stay on top forever. He really doesn't have anything else to prove, and really just has so much to lose at this point.

I know that there's so much money and interest in every single one of his fights, but I personally think he should just fight about 2 or 3 more fights


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