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By high demand, I have decided to make an Official Index of fighter names for new forum members or those who cannot keep up


RamGOAT (original) = Rampage
Mighty GOAT (created by @Patster) = Mighty Mouse
edGOAT (created by @GSP_over_Silva) = Frankie Edgar
Papy aGOATee = Papy Abedi
GOATime = Anthony Pettis
KonGOAT = Cheick Kongo
GloGOAT = Glover


Whitepage = Ryan Bader
Jesuspage = Vitor
WonderPage ( @yesterdayshero) = Stephen Thompson
Showpage = Anthony Pettis
Ariana GrandPage( @TUF1_) = Ariana Grande
Weidpage = Weidman ( @Weidman_the_GOAT)

White Jones = Weidman ( @Weidman_the_GOAT)
Black Tito ( @Patster) = some tuf noob
Mini Rampage ( @shannonritchp4p1) = Marcus Brimmage
Ravpage BerGOAT = Ravelina Berto
Negronda = Ravelina Berto
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