Everybody...Focus the Anderson Silva Loss on this Person

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He now has the P4P unstoppable curse. Whoever he picks to win; bet your house on the other fighter. Yes, he managed to stop Anderson Silva himself. The unstoppable Shuberling curse. Please, pray that he does not pick your favorite fighter to win. Or he will get his career tarnished by Shuberling. That is all. Proof:


The GOAT just took a tumble down the mountain. Sucks that his unstoppable UFC legacy has ended tonight. Turns out that fairy tale ending's are just fairy tales. Will he retire? Will he constantly fight and go on a huge losing streak like Chuck? Gosh. This night is crazy..

@Sparticus_ How angry are you at his curse?
@Sobercuban Shuberling's curse has defeated yours..Thoughts?

This will end my night. Later peeps.
Been on the Anthony "Showtime" Pettis train since day one. No questions asked. Showtime Attack Force Too Strong.
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