Who will Weidman's first defence be against?

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Who gets the first crack at Weidman? Probably Vitor. Exciting fight. Other than that, the only guy who I can see getting a shot is Jacare. Okami, Bisping and Phillipou don't deserve it. Maybe Munoz with a strong win against one of those three. Or will we see guys coming down from 205 now that Silva isn't champ? Likely candidates for me are Rashad, Machida, and maybe Shogun.

Discuss please. And don't make this about last night, there's already far too many threads about that


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    Either Belfort or a Silva rematch. If Bisping and Phillipou fight in the manni card then they should make Okami vs Jacare with the winners of both those fights in a number one contenders match.
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    silva rematch

    if not, then expect the title to change hands 10 times in the next 2 years lol because the rest of the division is weak. vitor and sonnen will move down hell i would even love to see wanderlei move back down and make one last push

    the division got a hell of alot more interesting if silva isnt in the picture. if he is, well then its pretty much cleaned out.
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