My last thread/post

As you know I lost an account bet to @bjjnoob because silva lost to weidman

First of all my thoughts on the fight:

Silva overdid it OBVIOUSLY with the taunting and got way too cocky. I believe he could beat weidman in the rematch if he doesnt fight like a ****. I hope he doesn't get the rematch immediately, but instead has some fights at LHW. Because i'd like to see a MW Title fight for once, without silva in it. I hope Belfort gets the shot.!
I have to give props to Weidman. He didn't beat silva because of skill. BUT because he knew when to come in while silva did his little show. And knowing how difficult that can be to time, it is very impressive that he got him and clipped him. Also with his limited experience, it made it even more impressive.

Silva has to get his **** together now. Weidman showed nothing but class.

Shube's curse seems to be real, even though i never believed in it. IT IS TRUE !

Now this is my last post, I always got a great laugh out of this forum. and even some good discussions.

For the ones that want to still read the **** i talk, follow me on twitter lol


btw, i ain't planning on welching. In any way, with alts or something.

soo bye.

i probably am like the old dude in this gif lmao


so i'm gonna GTFO now.



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