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UK MMA pioneer and world renowned UFC referee Marc Goddard will be holding his Mixed Martial Arts Referee and Judges Course on the second day of the UK MMA Expo which is to be held on July 21st at the Event City in Trafford, Manchester.

UFC referee Marc Goddard has long been considered as one of the best in the business and has also been an active pioneer for UK MMA for a number of years. Marc has been hosting his Mixed Martial Arts Referee & Judges Course across the UK for a number of years and will now be returning to the North-West of England in July at the UK MMA Expo.

Marc Goddard has been involved in the UK MMA scene from its early inception and is a former MMA & Submission Grappling competitor. Marc has used his years of experience and his extreme passion for MMA together with his attention for detail to become one of the top rated referees in the world today. Marc is the first choice for many of the biggest UK MMA promotions and was also the first ever UK referee to be appointed to the UFC. Since then marc has become the first ever UK MMA referee to be licensed and sanctioned to referee in the USA.

The course is designed in order to provide both the novice and experienced referees/judges both an introduction as well as detailed training and application to all aspects of the worlds fasted growing sport, MMA. The course will start at 10.00 am and will finish at 5.30 pm with a one hour break for lunch. The cost of the course is £70, which also includes half price entry for the day into the UK MMA Expo.

British UFC welterweight and fan favourite Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy has described Marc Goddard as a leading official within MMA and that Marc’s priority is always the fighters safety.

“Having been refereed by Mr Goddard several times, I always feel confident when he is the third man in the cage. I know he will be fair and professional and always have the fighter’s safety as his priority. He is without a doubt one of the leading officials in the sport and sets a fine example for others pursuing a career in the business. If all referee’s were of his calibre, the sport would take a step forward in professionalism and safety.”

Fellow UK MMA pioneer and former UFC heavyweight, Ian “The Machine” Freeman has been a colleague of Marc Goddard’s for a number of years. Freeman has observed first hand Marc Goddard’s development as a referee and deems him as one of the highest class referees.

“I have had the honour to work along side Marc Goddard on numerous MMA events, too many to keep count to be honest. Marc and I go back many years and became good friends through the world of MMA.

“I have been lucky enough to see Marc grow from a keen MMA referee at the beginning of his career to a World-class referee that he is today. Working with Marc and knowing he is the official in charge of the action, gives you a sense of security and you know that no one will seriously get hurt in the octagon.

“Marc always comes across as firm, fair and in control. This I feel, also makes the fighters feel much more at ease when they know they have one of the best referee’s in the World looking after their fight. I for one could not name a higher-class referee than Marc Goddard. Outstanding.”

The Mixed Martial Arts Referee & Judges Course will be divided into two main sections. Registration will be at 9.30am at the UK MMA Expo on July 21st for the course with the first section commencing at 10.00 am until 12.30 pm and concentration of refereeing. After a one hour lunch break the course will reconvene at 13.00 pm until 14.30 pm and will centralise around judging in MMA. On completion of this there will be a multiple choice test and a question and answer session.

The general areas that are covered during the referees section of the course are as follows:

• Unified rules of MMA and their application
• Referee’s role and responsibilities
• Fighters & Corners conduct
• Promoter’s role and responsibilities
• In fight and fight ending scenarios and how to deal with them

The general areas that are covered during the judging section of the course are as follows:

• The 10 point must system – understanding and its application to MMA
• Scoring criteria
• Common misconceptions
• Types of decisions and their application

The course content is designed to give a thorough overview of the unified rule set and its application to MMA today, this taking in both aspects of referee’s and judges. The course will be supplemented with personal handouts to be kept by all participants, a written multiple-choice test and certificate of attendance with open Q&A at the end.

This is a great opportunity for all MMA fans and fanatics to attend the course that will teach them the rules and regulations behind Judging and Refereeing in MMA. Without a doubt attending this course will broaden even the most experienced MMA fan’s knowledge of the sport.

All interested participants please register your interest via and book your place at


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